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Oomancy also called Oomancia, is a method of divination that uses eggs to perform predictions. It usually refers to the following:

1. Divination of the future sex of a child by incubating a hen's egg between the expectant mother's breasts and noting the sex of the chick.

2. Divination by dropping egg-whites into water.


Derived from the Greek oion ('egg') and manteia ('prophecy')


The ancient art of divination by eggs was taught to mankind by Orpheus (SD 1:362), “and the diviner was able by inspecting the contents of the egg to perceive whatever the bird born from it would have seen, had it ever been born”.


Traditionally, oomancy is done by separating the egg white from the yolk and pouring it in hot water. The diviner will then interpret the shapes formed by the cooked egg whites. The interpretation can be performed using a list of symbols like those used for tea leaves reading.

There are other systems available for egg divination:

  • Divination by the outer and inner forms of the egg - For this method, break the egg into a glass of water and interpret the shapes assumed by the white and the membrane of the egg. Allow the person you want to read to choose and hold the egg, when they feel they have imprinted it enough, take the egg and break it into a clear glass or bowl of cold water. Then read the white and the membrane that surrounds the yolk.
  • Divining the signs or characters appearing in eggs. Break a fresh egg and separate the white from the yolk. Discard the yolk. Pour the egg white into a bowl filled with water and set the bowl aside for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the egg whites will have clotted. Study the egg white clots and pick out the shapes and symbols.

Egg Ritual

You will need an unpeeled hardboiled egg and a waterproof marker. Choose three or four symbols that represent spiritual or enriching forces in your life. Use the marker to draw these symbols on your egg. On one end of your egg, draw a symbol to represent yourself and draw another symbol to represent your deity on the opposite end. When your egg is ready, take it outside. Find a gentle slope with a very few rocks. Hold your egg and focus on your question or problem. Gently roll your egg down the slope. Note the direction, force, and wobble of your eggs. When your egg comes to a stop, note the direction where its top is pointing as well as the symbol that is visible. Now, you can divine from these aspects.

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